Working at Honeywell

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We offer a unique opportunity to be part of a global organisation and launch your early career. 

Pick an opportunity and run with it. There are the greatest variety of challenges, experiences and responsibilities to choose from, endless discoveries to be made – about who you are and what you’re capable of – and a friendly, supportive group of experts from around the world to ensure you’re not alone.


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 Some of our 2017 graduates enjoying an end of year celebration with our leadership team: Lawn bowls in the spectacular Sydney sunshine.

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Whether it’s working on complex technologies, systems or solutions, managing multiple sites worth millions of dollars or being tasked with a project that a graduate has never come up against, the size and type of challenges graduates face in the absence of a traditional program means that they have to be that much more adaptable and responsible. 

But the learning potential is that much greater.

Growth & Learning

There is a strong appreciation for the people that work at Honeywell, both from a social and professional aspect. Peer-to-peer, the people create a fun, friendly and supportive environment. Everyone gets along and is willing to lend a hand. They are down-to-earth, hardworking and intelligent. On a professional level, graduates enjoy the opportunity to draw from global experts, those who have been around a long time and are respected in the industry.

Our People

Most graduate programs, by their very nature, offer growth possibilities. Where Honeywell differs is in the volume of possibilities available. The most attractive of which is the ability to take an opportunity and run with it, in whatever direction feels right. That might mean a career overseas. Clear career paths, significant exposure to different projects, fields and experienced managers, as well as having to go it alone without direction add to one’s knowledge base and self-awareness.

What is also really important are programs like Honeywell Hometown Solution that are all about the people we employ, the places that they live and the communities we help support. Check out the video below and learn more about our Corporate Citizenship initiatives. 

Honeywell is a proud member of Supply Nation; we are currently employing the use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers across the business.


Honeywell is the unsung hero, a gigantic company with its fingers in a lot of pies. Variety is plentiful – from the work itself, to the technology, equipment, customer-base, industries and the people. It’s this extensive diversity of people, roles and projects that graduates enjoy most. It provides a compelling work environment that promises graduates will never get bored.